Today in Middle Tennessee


Japanese Magnolia ‘Jane’

My yellow Japanese magnolia ‘Butterfly’ typically gets nipped by a late frost. A big treat for me when I returned from Florida yesterday was finding this tree full of blossoms for the first time since planting 6 years ago.

Azalea blossom

The blossoms on this cascading Japanese maple are so brief that I rarely get a chance to enjoy them.

The bud on this Japanese Magnolia looked golden – thought maybe I’d found the ever elusive money tree. Alas, a few hours later the blossom had broken out and the the gold had faded to brown.
Anemone blanda

Full moon rising

Day 166 – Fruity Planters

Kumquats anyone?
I saw these down in Seaside, Florida – little potted fruit trees ready to burst with flowers that will soon become something you may drink for breakfast. All grown in a pretty pot with petunias.

I thought these “X” marks the spot trellis lines were pretty cool to bring extra attention at this restaurant.

Day 164 – A Window Box Party

Some work was being done on one of our clubhouse porches so we had to gather all the containers from that porch and gather them together with all the containers on another porch. It kind of looked like we were having a container party. But it also made it easy for me to snap some pictures of these window boxes that were just starting to bloom with winter jasmine. The little Black Holly and Euonomous Emerald Gaiety are easy care plants for late winter/early spring color in your window box.