Day 204 – The Cobbler’s Children Finally Get Spring Shoes

Slowly but surely my own home containers are getting planted My standard procedure for planting my containers is to bring home any free plants that have been offered for trial or as a bonus on an order, or to use one inch plugs and give them a month to fill in. Then I make a container casserole with plants that like similar sun and water conditions. The planter above is a combination of 3 plants leftover from our garden show that had been damage in the move so they weren’t fit for using in a client’s planter. My part sun front door was a good location for these angel wing begonias, yellow crassandra (not really blooming yet), and swedish ivy. I love the rose scent of the swedish ivy by the front door.
I also had half a hanging basket full of Scarlet bonfire begonia that I added to my “water bucket” planter that already had ivy flowing from it.
I also had a few plugs of bonfire begonia that I added to these planters but you can barely see them.
Next weekend, the rest of the children will get their shoes…