Day 229 – The Clubhouse Is Getting Its Spring Dress On

Tomorrow the Laurelbrooke clubhouse gets its spring deckboxes put up. These are pictures from last years deckboxes. I’ll take pictures of this years tomorrow and post. One homeowner asked that I use more yellow this year like I did in ’09. She said that last years had too much red and purple.
I know. The anticipation is probably driving you crazy.

Day 228 – Don’t Underestimate This Pretty Pink Planter

This has been a tough week and somehow even maintaining this blog seems somewhat trivial to what has been going in the lives our friends. But sometimes the toughest times can show us what is truly beautiful.
Sego palm, pink mandevilla, and Blizzard ivy geranium – turn up the heat, turn down the water: give them a hard environment and watch the beauty spill forth.

Day 227 – In Memory of Michael

As our school community, family, and friends grieve the loss of 17 year old Michael Daniel today, I couldn’t help but pause as I was clicking through pictures when I saw this. If you’d ever seen Michael play soccer, you’d know his distinctive mop of dark curls that seemed to have a mind of their own as they flew in all directions. Maybe it’s the sadness and the need to have something to make me smile, but this planter just reminded me of Michael’s hair!
Michael fell while skateboarding this past Sunday night and has been fighting for his life for the last three days. Tonight his fight ended, and this friend to my son, this son of my friends, will be greatly missed.
And Michael, we will all miss seeing that mop of hair go flying down the field.

Day 225 – Just Doin’ What I Love to Do!

Ivy geranium, plectranthus, euphorbia, and sedum – to think that simplicity and ease of care could look so good! I watered this planter only 3 times a week – only during our upper nineties heat wave did I water an additional day during the week.

Day 224 – A Re-tire-d Planter

I recently received this planter from Flat Tire Decor to trial and report back my thoughts. My first reaction was, “Bravo to someone who is looking to creatively repurpose any disposable product.” My second reaction was, “My proper southern momma would shoot me if she knew I was planting anything in an old tire to display at my house.” I haven’t told her yet.

Comments heard while planting this in the greenhouse: “Cool” “Weird” “Will it deliver itself?” (obviously from a starving comedian) “Great idea” “Interesting” “Where did you get that?” “Can I have one?”

This is actually planted with a small red hibiscus but the bloom is hiding so I added the red car. Also planted with Tiger Eye Rudbeckia and Plum Calibrachoa

Observations – absorbs a lot of heat so not ideal for a full sun location;
this is a cute little planter;
holds water better than I expected;
this is a better use of tire products than the white painted “tire planters” popular in trailer parks and Steve Bender‘s back yard.

Bottom line: good idea, keep at it!

Day 220 – Just Wait ’till You See This at It’s Home

Well, I guess these containers lack what my mother would call “presentation” – its like serving prime rib on a paper plate. But these planters won’t get over to the St. Jude Dream home until tomorrow and I needed something to post tonight so I snapped this picture as they sat in front of one of the racks of plants at my greenhouse. Most of the plants in this picture were donated by Monrovia – ‘Bloodgood’ Japanese maple, Frasier’s Photinia, Flower Carpet Amber, Cordyline ‘Southern Splendor’, ‘Limemound’ Spirea, and I added the new Kokomo Sunset Daylily, and Calibrachoa. These are going on the back porch of the St Jude Dream home so come by and see them in real life! And maybe tomorrow I’ll make momma happy and show these with a little more deserving “presentation”.