Day 258 – Summer Beauty With Year Round Containers

I planted these containers for a friend who wanted containers that she could keep year-round with very little maintenance. Early spring I had red pansies and purple violas where the deep red ivy geraniums, purple angelonia, and setcresia are now. The ‘Blue Point’ Juniper, ‘Downey’ lavender , Scarlet Flowercarpet Rose, Winter Jasmine, dianthus, spreading gardenia, and Loropetalum will stay year round.

Day 257 – There Are Days That I Just REALLY Love My Job

Like when I get to plant containers at homes like this…

I just love the Siam Beauty Musa. And this is the new Coreopsis Cherry Lemonade from Terra Nova – I LOVE IT!!

Here’s the new Stars and Stripes Mandevilla

Bottlebrush shrub, Abutilon, red geranium, petunia
Tibuchina standard, variegated bouganvilla, cascading vinca, coleus, purple angelonia
Ruellia, Allamanda, mandevilla, petunia

All this fun in a day’s work!

Additional info:
I picked out all these containers for this homeowner when the home was being built. Two of my favorite container/garden accessory suppliers are Elegant Earth in Birmingham, Alabama and Campania International. The big bowls on top of the front porch columns are from Riverside Plastics – they put a special granite finish on these to coordinate with the other planters. I knew logistically it would be a nightmare to get cast stone or concrete planters on roof of this porch (it was huge task just to get the others on the porch!) so I went with Riverside Plastics great quality plastic containers. They still weighed about 75 lbs each.

Because Team Is About More Than Just Winning and Losing

If you’ve read much of my blog, you know that there are several things that I’m passionate about – my family, my plants, my books, and my football teams. My youngest son, Buck, and my second son, Robert, taught me to love another kind of football: soccer. So tonight, if you only read this blog to see pretty plants, I’m letting you know that this is about Buck’s team, about brotherhood, about friendship, about winning, about great loss, and about hope. I see hope all the time in the garden. I didn’t know I could see hope like this in a soccer team.

CPA Boys Soccer 2010-11 from CPA Communications on Vimeo.

Day 252 – A Blast From the Past

A little over a year ago I went to explore the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The hydrangeas were breathtaking and the container gardens were a lot of fun – here’s a little of each!