Day 277 – I’ll Have The House Merlot

Take a minute to observe in this picture how the owners of this home used the surrounding plants to echo and subdue the wine and bubblegum paint tones.

‘Blackie’ sweet potato vine, Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’, White impatiens, ‘Silver Falls’ Dichondra – wonderful compliments to the Merlot/pink color of this home in Buffalo, NY.

Day 276 – A VRBO That Will Bring Gardeners to Nashville

Last weekend my brother rented a vacation home here in Franklin, TN, to house his big ol’ family while they helped us celebrate my son’s wedding. They stayed an extra couple of days so we all visited over at their cool digs. I walked in the back yard and new immediately that I was in a gardener’s home.

Check out these containers and fun yard art that surrounded the pool and goldfish pond.

And the color on these hydrangeas had me just a little jealous. These was my kind of vacation home!

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Day 271- Wedding Day

Hopefully no one has noticed but I actually missed a day. Well, actually two. But the last few weeks have been pretty exciting around the wise gardens, all leading up to this incredible day. And especially the last two days – as mother of the groom my days have been delightfully full as family has come in from all over the country for this special day. The laptop stayed closed and family became my total focus until I fell exhausted into bed. Until today. As I sit in the pew here, groomsmen and hubby busy with picture taking, rehearsal dinner a blur of laughter and tears, flowers all completed for the ceremony, I realize that for one more son my job is done. “Mothering” is no longer required, rather my role now is to just to be Momma… and Momma-in-law. So enjoy what I get to look at while I wait for the guest to arrive. And thanks for sharing this moment with me!

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