Day 316 again

Here’s a better picture. Trying to blog from my phone has its limitations.

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Day 312 – Meet Me In St Louis

The home gardens

The Japanese gardens

Sneakin’ a peak at some Chihuly (sounds a lot more racy than it really is)

Somewhere over the rainbow, Judy Garland had someone to meet back in St. Louis so they could have themselves a merry little Christmas. (You have to be a real movie buff to follow all of that.) But if I was going to head back to St. Louis – which I visited last week-end – to meet someone, I’d make sure that we met at the Missouri Botanical Gardens! Loved this place – a bit of Chihuly, sculptures, history, home garden ideas, Victorian gardens, Japanese garden, climatron, ….. well, you’ll just have to meet me there to learn about it all.

Thought these hanging sedum balls were fabulous. (this is today’s container for 365 Days of Container Gardening)

And the lotus were spectacular

And they had a bed planted with one of my favorite annuals – cuphea llavea!

Day 311 – McDonalds Steps It Up

McDonalds has normally not been my kind of place but when I pulled up to grab one of their new strawberry lemonade slushies, these planters by the entrance grabbed my attention. Weeping youpon hollies and purple fountain grass – great combination.

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