Day 299 – Hello Seattle, You Had Me At 58 Degrees

I may be back in Tennessee, but since it’s been in the upper nineties here for days I keep escaping to my pictures of last week’s trip to Seattle. One of the “coolest” places I went was Dragonfly Farms
which was filled with unique plants, clever garden design, awesome garden art, and creative container. Here’s a few:

Day 298 – What In The World Is a Woolly Pocket?

Creating vertical gardens is growing trend (pardon the pun) in utilizing small spaces and creating living walls. Woolly Pockets have created a clever “container” made from felted material processed from recycled plastic bottles. It also has a protective moisture barrier. I have yet to try one out myself but keep seeing them at places like Molbak’s Nursery in Seattle where these picture were taken. Let me know if you’ve used Woolly pockets and what you think!

I know I keep talking about Molbak’s like it is the next best thing to sliced bread, but it really was an incredible nursery. My friends Katie Elzer-Peter and Kylee Baumlee show me the money as they check out at Molbaks – it is a plantaholics dreamland. We’re blaming Alison Conliffe for this delightful addiction.