Teach a Little, Learn a Lot

Last week was Seattle.
Off to the wild, wild west to TAME ME SOME CONTAINERS! Yeah, I wrassled up a group of folks, corralled them into the listening pen, and branded their minds with container gardening pictures and ideas.
But, whoa there Silver, this ol’ cowgirl still had time to lasso up some new ideas in that big ol’ saloon they called a Coonvenshun Center. Now y’all gather ’round and I’ll show ya what’s got me singing round the campfire…Just go into the woods for some rustic planters.

And luscious foliage planters with an artsy vibe.

The power of one plant in a pot.

And some of the mighty fine handy work of Seattle’s own Personal Garden Coach and Container Gardening Superstar, Christine Salwitz.

Christine is holding the breathtaking artwork of photographer David Fishman.