Moss Mountain Farm – An Early Spring Visit to P Allen Smith’s Garden Home

Out working on the farm, P Allen Smith road his bike up to the house to greet all of us who came to visit his farm last week-end. I went with a group of friends gathered for a 30 year reunion.

P Allen Smith and lovable Angel welcome folks to their garden home.
This was my favorite room – the 2nd floor sleeping porch,

sleeping porch comes with a very inviting copper bathtub.
And the view from the porch will make you want to visit every season.
Coming down the front stairs
then I see THE TREE – glimpsed looking out P Allen’s front door.
Lunch was served here, in the updated barn.Called there by
The lunch bell.
A glimpse into P Allen’s art studio.

P Allen’s containers – loved getting ideas from him.
The poultry shedsSo whaddaya lookin’ at?!

Can’t wait to come back in May for Garden2Blog2012!