A Garden Blogger’s Fling

To those that know me well, you know that I am rule follower, I love my family and am devoted to them, and I try to adhere to what some would say are “high moral standards.”  So you can imagine my family’s dismay when I announced that I was leaving for a FLING.
That was three years ago when I had my first fling.
It was in Buffalo.
This past week-end my husband casually asked me where I was going to this time and when I said, “Asheville,” he said, “oh, yeah. Your fling.” And he went back to typing on his laptop.
It seems my flings are no threat to him. Might be the fact that these flings are yearly gatherings of garden bloggers who just want to see great gardens and gab about the intricacies of social media and garden writing and photography and sometimes even venture on to topics like food, travel, or (SHHHH) monsanto.
 But what are the paths that would lead me to a fling?

The pathway to Bulberella

The gardens of Christopher C…

 Bonnie Brae and Ku’ulei ‘Aina

Haywood Community College

The Peter and Jasmin Gentling Garden
12 Bones/Curve Studio