School’s Out!! But the Fun Had Already Begun

So what would you do if you came home from a long day’s work and your house is filled with teenagers exuberant that their last exam was over, all them ravenous because they had been playing hard for last six hours in the hot Tennessee sun,  and the last thing you’ve thought about all day is what you would have for dinner?

Well, the first thing you do is sigh with relief that this group of great kids doesn’t even notice that the floors haven’t been mopped in a while and that there were dishes that hadn’t been washed and at least 3 days of unwashed laundry piled up. Then you say, “Yes, I’d be ever so happy for you to use my brand new Le Creuset braiser to cook enough food to feed the hungry horde – as long as you cook.” (this braiser is teenager-proof). Then I just sit back with my laptop, pretend to be distracted typing, and soak in the sounds of youthful exuberance.

And while these 17-19 year olds innocently perceive me as the quiet, nerdy mom who plugs away on the computer writing my latest international espionage bodice-ripping plant mystery historical novel, they have no idea of the crazy fun time I had last week-end on my Fling.
So let me introduce you to a few of MY garden blogger friends from last week and give you chance to check out the their blogs. Cause I really only have a few minutes before I need to go start pulling out dessert.

Helen Battersby and Cindy (My Corner of Katy)

Cindy (My Corner of Katy), Jean (Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog), Gloria (The Garden Bench)

My fun roommate for the Fling – Tink (as in -erbell) tee-hee

Robin and I really can’t tell who that is under that big hat but I’m sure we ended up best of friends.

Jean and Cindy on the ROOF of Wamboldtopia

We weren’t friends but this black snake seemed to not mind all of us wondering around him at the North Carolina Arboretum

Gloria with her great finds at BB Barnes Nursery

MaryAnn (Gardens of the Wild Wild West) – a lady who stands out in the garden world.

Peter and Jasmine Gentling

Jim (Art of Gardening) and Melissa (Houston Garden Girl)

Christopher (Outside Clyde)

Our bus driver. He may look like an Appalachian moonshiner but he knew more fun facts about this neck of the woods than  anyone we heard.

Gloria, Jean, Helen, Barbara (Mr. McGregor’s Daughter)

Jean, Helen (Garden With Confidence), the other Cindy (I can’t find your blog – somebody help me here)

Annaliese (Cobrahead) and Andrea (Growwhereyouareplanted)

Carolyn (Sweet Home and Garden Carolina)  and Pam (Diggin‘)

Carol (May Dreams Gardens) and friends

Pam, Sarah (the other half of Toronto Gardens), Sarah’s son, Diana (Sharing Nature’s Garden)

Ol’ Grumpy himself (The Grumpy Gardener)

Helen, Barbara, and the other Cyndy

And this is not Nan Chase (Eat Your Yard), but it is in her garden – which was, by the way, an inspiration.