The 12 Days of Christmas – Day 3

On the third day of Christmas my true love might give to me

three Dutch hens…
One of the aspects of gardening and farm life that I have never experienced is that of raising chickens. This summer I received a copy of Jessi Bloom’s “Free-Range Chicken Gardens” book and have been hankering to have this added benefit into my gardening as I learned how chickens can help my garden grow and thrive. 
I then found this wonderful P Allen Smith video on building a mobile chicken pen and have been ever so subtly been dropping hints to hubby about how many benefits there are to having chickens.
P Allen Smith and Mimi san Pedro at Moss Mountain Home with Allen’s heritage chickens
With encouragement from my garden blogging friend and chickenista, Kylee Baumle, I’m hoping this third day of Christmas brings me at least the promise of three French, Dutch, or just any healthy live free-range chickens.