Twas The Night Before Apocalypse

Twas the night before apocalypse and what I have in my focus –
Twenty-eight teenagers are laughing and playing and causing a ruckus.
There’s chocolates and cookies and goodies galore;
Funny gifts, Elvis’ Christmas, and non-stop kids through the door.
Their plan is to bring tomorrow, whatever it brings – 
Stay up all night long until the first birdy sings.
New puppy is roaming, lapping up all the crumbs,
Guitars are strumming and, are those bongo drums?
Fresh out of school, Christmas still pending
None seem too worried that the world may be ending.
So on they continue with the gaiety and fun
But I’m off to bed to be up with the sun.
Cause no matter the parties or threat of a world gone berserk,
My boss is still expecting me tomorrow to show up for work! 
So I doubt I’ll get more than a short winter’s nap
But I’m not too worried that my patience will snap, 
Because the rustle, commotion, and clutter and fun 
Remind me the world is still turning and life will go on!