Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – Feb. 15

Somehow I lost a day. I was excited to get photos of what was blooming in my garden for Bloom Days and realized that YESTERDAY was the 15th of the month. So here I am a day late and a dollar short but I still am loving what I see making a grand appearance in my garden. 
Pink Erica, often called Mediterranean Heather, is a faithful winter bloomer in my Tennessee weather.

Though not quite in bloom yet, the deep pink of the Pieris Japonica buds and stems in late winter are fabulous.


Blackbird Euphorbia remains one of my all-time favorite four season plants.  And I taught plant-hunter Barry Yinger that this plant name needs to be sung, not just spoken so if you meet Barry,  ask him to sing you a plant name.

Iberis or commonly called candytuft
Bridal veil Spirea
Baby’s Breath spirea that I bought from Petals from the Past

This Chinese Snowball Viburnum bud looks a little devilish! 

Helleborus Ivory Prince

I spy a shy new bloom

I foresee blueberries in my future

Blueberry buds 

Lots of blueberries