Around The Garden World – Day 37 (Seattle, WA)

Hold on to your airplane seats ‘cuz we are flying cross country – via internet – from Virginia to Seattle tonight to check out my container planting buddy Christina Salwitz‘s (and today’s guest blogger) end of summer garden.

WARNING!! Prepared to be wowed!
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Some of Christina’s work at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Christina used some of the beautiful glass art by the talented Barbara Sanderson.

Cutie-pie Christina holding a photo by David Fishman

Around The Garden World – Day 36 (Central Virginia Gardens)

Diane LaSauce caught me mid-snooze during our fun-filled Garden2Blog event at P Allen Smith’s Garden Retreat.

It’s been a long week planting a few thousand flats of pansies and violas, and I am feeling the need to get caught up on a little rest. Fortunately I have some garden friends around the world that love to share their gardens.  Check out  and be inspired by my friend Diane LaSauce’s end of summer garden in central Virginia:
Another Reason to Share the Garden

That’s Diane on the left in the cute hat with bright green ribbon.

Around The Garden World – Day 35

This time of year one of the prettiest plants in my garden is my “Seven Sons” tree.

With a name like Heptacodium miconioides, Seven Sons tree is a whole lot easier to say. Hardy zones 5-9. Drought tolerant. 
The white flowers on this tree lasted for only about a month, but these rosy calyxes last long into autumn.

Some times described as a large shrub, this plant has pretty peeling bark that is very attractive during the winter when the tree/shrub is limbed up. 

Around The Garden World – Day 34 (Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens)

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 While in Richmond, Virginia, I was able to visit the Butterfly gardens in the Lewis Binter Botanical Gardens with #2 Son and daughter-in-love and hubby. I wish I knew what all these butterflies were.

Hubby has a new hood ornament

#2 son not quite sure about the butterfly attachment. He may be having flashbacks to the 17 year cicada event in Chicago when he was 2 years old. 

Around The Garden World – Day 32 (Birmingham, Alabama)

AWESOME container plantings!
Last year about this time of year I was able to visit the Birmingham Botanical Gardens with my #4 son and his friend Hannah. 

 Take a tour with us!

The artwork fountain was mesmerizing.

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These old logs were begging me to take their picture.

The Birmingham Botanical Garden is right across the street from the zoo.

The Japanese Garden

The Zen Garden

Around The Garden World – Day 31 (Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills)

Several years ago my friend Annie Haven took me on a tour of the “gardens” of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

 These planters and windowboxes were incredible

 Succulent sensations!

Climbing rose and Asparagus fern

pretty cool how they lined the pots along the top of this roof line and planted with bougainvillea.

Replication is the key to these fabulous displays