Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me That Heaven Was Somewhere Close to Lake Austin Spa Resort?

Nothing like a shaded hammock on a warm summer afternoon to call my name…

As I landed in Austin, Texas, about nine hours ago, the thought crossed my mind that I had never actually spoken to anyone in person about the speaking gig that I was heading toward. We’d had lots of emails and confirmations, and I’d looked up their information online – impressed by the Conde’ Nast ratings and their online presence. But I had never actually spoken to or even met anyone from this resort and I started to get a little nervous. My fears were calmed a little by the fact that the limo driver they had scheduled was there waiting for me, with my name in his hands, as I descended the stairs to baggage claim, and fell away even more as we entered the drive into the Resort. 

The pathway to the spa was what I would have envisioned being like  Grecian bath house.

Shaded verdandas covered with vines

water features throughout the resort create a quiet ambience

The pathway to my room

Loved this funky flower – no idea what it is

There is a calming symmetry to the resort

with well tended trumpet vines to accent the trellised walkways.

 A few of my new friends along the way

Reflections through the library window (you can see my arm taking the picture!)

The place where I am giving the seminars – Lake Austin Spa Resort – is a total escape from reality. Right now I’m sitting on the charming porch of my accommodations after a delectable meal (with veggies grown from their garden) delivered t

o my room, listening to the sounds of late summer with the garden and river before me in the fading sunlight. Citronelle candles keep mosquitos somewhat at bay, a glass of wine and a riveting novel in hand after a day of travel and exploration – the only thing that awaits me is a deep bathtub with bathing salts, a lavender scented bedroom, and the gentle hum of cicadas to lull me to sleep. This is my kind of speaking gig.

Summertime and The Livin’ is Easy

A summer of record temperatures and whacky rain patterns was quickly forgotten with today’s mild temps. Weeds were pulled, Tomato Art Fest beckoned, a walk into Brentwood for dinner – thank-you, God, for a short summer reprieve!

Summer sky outside my kitchen window

‘Erin Rachel’ Hibiscus

Black and Blue Salvia

Knockout rose with Black and Blue salvia

I had a little friend to keep me company while weeding this afternoon

Tea time for the hummer.

Golden Spirit Smoke Tree (Cotinus coggygria) 

With temps going from lower 80s to the lower 60s and a Saturday full of activities, by late afternoon the hammock could not be denied

Summertime and the livin’ is easy.