Pots Gone Wild! Easy DYI Weekend Project – Transforming a Planter into a Water-Feature

Adding a water-feature is not as daunting as some may think. And making that water-feature using a Crescent Garden light-weight planter means that you don’t have to hire extra muscle to get the planter to your home. Check out this easy transformation from planter to fountain that John Atkerson put together. John is the founder of Three Lions Garden Center located in Bowling Green, KY.

Growing Up Crescent

Growing Up Crescent – While at ‪#‎garden2grow‬ ‪#‎mossmountainfarm‬ with P. Allen Smith 25 social media influencers took a few minutes to learn about Crescent Garden planters and the history behind them from Crescent’s owner Paula Douer. They then were able to go back in time and pretend to be 7 year olds to compete in creating miniature gardens in a Crescent Garden Juno planter. The result was lots of laughter and a little bit magical.
Growing Up Crescent Video

Miniature garden furniture came from Fairy Homes and Gardenshttp://www.fairyhomesandgardens.com, potting soil was provided by Good Dirthttps://www.facebook.com/GoodDirt/, plants are Proven Winners plants https://www.provenwinners.com, those fabulous planters are from Crescent Garden http://www.crescentgarden.com, and the vibrant personalities of the folks pictured are all their own.

Social influencers pictured:

Michelle Slatalla

Jason Ambrosino

Brittany May

Penny Ausley

Rachael Brugger

Jennifer Burke

Melissa Caughey

David Ellis

Sara Gasbara

Daniel Bear Hunley

Amy Renea Kauffman

Luke & Sindy Marion

Nick & Allison McCullough

Russell McLendon

Tara Nolan

Gary Pilarchik

Jennifer Prock 

Stephanie Rose 

Nancy Wallace 

Max Wastler

Kristy Wicks 

Monica Willis

Brett Youmans

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How about starting off spring with a new Crescent Garden planter? Lightweight, durable, and attractive, these planters are your plants’ best friend with their double walled insolation, large cavity for plenty of soil, and food-safe, completely recyclable #2 resin material. Head over to their Facebook page for a chance to win one of their planters!

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A Year of Gardens – Day 26

A summer visit at JJ DeSousa’s home in Portland 2014. Viva de colores. I think that is French, or Italian, or just some language I mangled where I’m trying to say, “Look at all this great color!!”

Jj De Sousa, a Portland designer, lives life in color.

Charlotte Weychan in a pensive moment

Her home is a reflection of her eclectic and fun shop Digs – Inside and Out.

Doesn’t everyone dream of a three carrot gate? 

Check out the old pigeon coops on the wall growing succulents

A Year of Gardens – Day 24

Last January the Colonel and I were in Kauai, Hawaii and were able to visit Allerton Botanic Garden.  There was much to see in design and flowering plants that were stunning, but the roots on the Giant Australian Fig Trees (Moreton Bay Figs) kept me mesmerized. Wouldn’t it be fun to grow up playing hide and seek among these roots?                      


A Year of Gardens – Day 23

 For all my friends who’ve been blinded by the white of the last few days of snow, here’s a little color from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles gardens. (Pictures taken this September 2015)

A Year of Gardens – Day 22

Gardening is not just about the plants or design, but the weather that controls the life of those plants. This snowstorm will leave many plants damaged and many others sheltered from the cold. And it leaves me with visions of beauty.

A Year of Gardens – Day 21

How about this for a creative hedge? These ‘Little Gem’ magnolias are pruned twice a year to keep them around 3-4 feet high around some of the homes at Watercolor Place in Florida. Plants are planted when they are 3 gallon size pot size.