Around the Garden World – Day 2

When I first was planning last month’s trip to Quebec with the Garden Writer’s Symposium, I kept wondering who this Jardin fella was that so many places were named after. Obviously, I never took French in school and “Jardin” is French for garden, which is what Garden Writers would be wanting to see.

What I didn’t realize is that Quebec City is as much a garden city as it is a historical one.

 Hanging baskets and windowboxes abound throughout the city.

 No skippy little containers or garden beds in this city!

The gardens here will capture your heart.

 In front of the Parliament Building is an vegetable garden growing in raised beds and “Smart Pots“.

Nasturtiums are pretty and edible

Cindy Shapton showing the artistic beauty that can be created using the smart pots. 

Love this combination 

I think I’d have a hard time staying inside if I worked in this Parliament building!