Around the Garden World In 365 Days – Day 5

 Jardin Jeanne-d’Arc is a sunken garden within the larger National Battlefields Park. In the center of the garden is a statue of Joan of Arc that was donated by sculptress Anna Hyatt Huntington to “the most beautiful city in the world”. The garden was designed in 1938 by landscape architect Louis Perron.

 A great combination of Blackie Sweet Potato vine and blue scaevola.

 The play of color and texture was fabulous throughout the garden like these black rubber plants contrasted with red gerber daisies and the fine texture of Fireworks grass pennisetum seen in close up below.

 Cool idea to put these trellised mandevillas behind the rubber plants (ficus elastic).

 Another great display of color and texture using Princess grass, banana trees, and an assortment of other plants that I wasn’t too sure about.

Love Anemones!

 I won’t grow blood grass here in Tennessee because it is so invasive but adore the impact it gives in the landscape.

 Sweet dahlia – these look like “Bishop’s Children” Dalhias.

 Black Pearl pepper are perfect in from on these orange blooming cannas.

Photo bomb by my friend Cindy Shapton!

 A paint brush stroke of echinaceas.