Around the Garden World – Day 7

I’m writing today as Hubby and I drive to Richmond, Virginia so I’m checking out how smart my smartphone is – let’s see if I can write a blog from the phone using photos taken on the phone a few weeks ago. (And getting interrupted every few minutes with Hubby’s, “look at that beautiful scene!”, as we travel through these gorgeous Virginia hills). So far we’ve looked at gardens for their beauty. Here at the Franklin, Tennessee Farmers Market is bounty from gardens usually   known for more practical purposes. I love how these gardens bring folks together.

#4 son and I ran into the McFaddens – both of us mommas a little tender hearted about our last trip together to the farmers market  with our kiddos before we sent them off to college. 

Practicality of the gardens doesn’t mean beauty can’t abound – the colors of harvest are rich and inviting.

These cut flowers in a tin can were selling like hot cakes.

How can you resist buying from this smile!

Loved seeing Amy Brothers and all her girls.

Pretty okra!

Too pretty to eat
Beautiful woodwork p

Love me some Papa C’s Pies.