Around The Garden World – Day 17

 In my quest to view all types of gardens, this one grabbed my eye. While walking with my daughter-in-love around her neighborhood, we saw this in the front of a home in Richmond, Virginia. Sweet Caitlin had been patiently waiting as I took pictures of front yard gardens and tried to sneak peeks at backyard gardens. As we came upon this, she looked at me and said, “These…. look…. fake?”

 Yep, these are the type of flowers that my clients keep asking me for – always blooming, never need water, never need to be deadheaded, and attention grabbing.

Uh, huh – plastic. Definitely got our attention. And our laughter.

 And they did have these almost plastic looking peppers that were growing right next to their authentic plastic flowers.

 I guess because they don’t have any gardening expenses they can buy this really car.  (or at least have a really cool car parked next to their home)