Around The Garden World – Day 18

Sometimes I get all starry-eyed thinking of all the beautiful gardens I have seen over the few years and of all those hope to see. But sometimes I need to just look around me at the beautiful gardens that could be right next door. 

Today I was at a client’s house to pull and prep the beds for their fall flowers. Finding planters like this (yes, we did plant this one) remind me that beautiful gardens, and beautiful containers, can be simple and easy to care for. This planter has Mandevilla Sun Parasol Crimson, Setcresia, and Dorotheanthus Mezoo Red. The Bloodgood Japanese Maple behind the planter is surrounded by Lantana Confetti and Knockout Roses on the other side. All of these plants are easy to care for, especially the container planting that thrives in dry soil and sunshine.
Yesterday I very tongue in cheek talked about gardening for those who don’t like to garden. This is a planting for those who don’t like to water.