October 2015 Garden Bloggers Bloom Days

Just before midnight I’ll get this posted for October 15 Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Days. Here in middle Tennessee, we are expecting our first frost this weekend. So I got out and enjoyed the last of my summer annuals. 
Zinnias – great pollinator attractor

Did you know that celosia attracts pollinators? This is Dragon’s Breath celosia .

Dragon’s Breath celosia, zinnia, trailing coleus. 
Cuphea Flamenco Samba


 Deja bloom Azalea – this azalea has been reblooming for over a month
Dragon’s Breath celosia

Encore Azalea
My pitiful little fig harvest. Figs just starting to ripen and a we are expecting a frost this morning…

Thankyou, Carol Michael, for reminding us to get out each month and record what is blooming each month in our garden.

Digitalis (foxglove)

Red Stem Colocasia

The last of the red okra

Seven son tree (Heptacodium miconioides)