25 Days of Burpee Advent Calendar – Day 18 (You’ll want to do a double take on this one)

  • So this is what happens when I don’t get my Day 18 video completed and then take my 25 Days of Burpee Advent Calendar to the dinner party I’m going to for the evening. This is NOT a real seedy kind of group. Special guest appearance by Zach Wise, Lori Shepherd, Sarah Young, Robert Wise, Caitlin Wise, Kathy Wallace, Dr Trent Wallace, Sharon Kinney, Linda Hadden, Linda Summer, Hal Hadden, George Davis, Dr Sara Bomar Davis, and Bill Garvey. 
Burpee 2017 Spinach introduction – Double Take


25 Days of Burpee – Day 17

My friend Debra Hempe is a special guest for today’s Burpee Advent Calendar seed introduction. And once again I have Amy Grant’s new Christmas album playing in the background! And yes, this is a day late because Debbie, her husband John, husband Steve, and I stayed up waaaaayyyyy too late catching up. #tistheseason!