Around The Garden World – Day 59 (Seaside, Florida)

Seaside, Florida knew how to put on a pretty show with with nice container plantings during the summer. 

 Blue scaevola, Yellow bidens, red penta, and burgundy iresine.

 Using containers to create a separate outdoor room was perfect for this walk-about community.

Mandevilla vines seemed to be what made up most of these container plantings. 

Hibiscus and verbena

Biden, scaevola, and Gold Edge Duranta

Biden and Verbena windowbox 

Around The Garden World – Day 24 (Windstone – Brentwood, TN)

Here’s a little inspiration for those planning on changing out their tired summer planters with winter planting. These are two different plantings in the entry planters at the beautiful Windstone neighborhood in Brentwood, Tn. 
I call this a Dr. Seuss planting – a topiary pom-pom juniper underplanted with Acorus Ogon, Euphorbia Rainbow Ascot, Illumination Vinca, and Rose pansy.

Variegated English boxwood, Dianthus ‘Firewitch’, rose pansy, Sedum Red Carpet, Blue pansy, Red Bor Kale, Chamaecyparis ‘Golden Mops’

What are you putting in your fall/winter pots?

Around the Garden World – Day 10

The container gardens in Merchants Square in historic Williamsburg, Virgina

Today, before we went to Williamsburg, we spent an incredible day with Brent and Becky Heath at Brent and Becky’s Bulbs. But there is too much to tell you this late at night so enjoy these pretty planters from Williamsburg and I’ll fill you in on the Bulb mecca tomorrow!