The Answer To World Peace Could Possibly Be Found In Murfreesboro, Tennessee

You won’t be able to find this place. The lady at the garden center that I had been visiting told me three or four times, “You won’t find a better place to eat in this city than CLEAR VIEW restaurant.” She said it VEEERRRYYY SLLOOOWWLY just in case I didn’t catch it the first few times. But she couldn’t tell me where it was because, “I’ve been driving there for so long that I don’t even think about what street it’s on. If you have one of those smart phones you can just look it up. It’s even been in Southern Living Magazine!”

So I got in my car, pulled out my really smart phone, and searched for 10 minutes to find this exemplary restaurant. No Clear View restaurant. No Clearview Restaurant. No Clearview Meat and Three. Relentlessly (and hungry), I start searching for eating venues in the Murfreesboro area and finally come across KLEER-VU Lunchroom. 4.6 Star rating.

So I transversed the city, and pulled up to this icon of eatery.

In the middle of this block of lower income housing sat an humble restaurant filled with garden club ladies, a few guys that could easily pass for gangsta rappers, an elderly caucasian couple, a stunning African American woman who walked in and said hello to everyone (probably some famous Nashville musician that I should know), a random assortment of black and white diners, and me. 

We all stood in line peacefully as we ordered our southern style lunch, smiled and greeted each other as we waited, and peacefully enjoyed a lunch together without a sliver of unpleasant discourse.  

My conclusion is that Pigs Feet, Breaded Okra, Turnip Greens, and Chess Pie – or the like – can bring a diverse world to peaceful cohesion.

If it could be so simple…