12 Days of Christmas – Day 6

On the 6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 

Six gardening getaways for the year!
For the gardener who loves to be pampered a little while still enjoying an interactive gardening environment, it’s hard to beat Lake Austin Spa Resort‘s Gardening for Life week in April 2013. Enjoy walking in and learning in the gardens and hear from Trisha Shirley, the Director of Flora and Fauna.Trisha Shirey’s 28-year association with Lake Austin Spa Resort has resulted in organic herb and vegetable gardens, an organic orchard and a wealth of flowers to enhance the grounds and brighten the delicious low-fat dishes served in the dining room. Plantings are designed to be Texas tough, but beautiful. Despite the foraging deer, flowers are in evidence year round. Many of the gardens are designed to delight butterflies and hummingbirds, which are seen in abundance.

Callaway Gardens’s 27th Annual Southern Gardening Symposium  January 25-27, 2013. Callaway Gardens’ Southern Gardening Symposium has been the South’s premier gardening event for a quarter of a century. Whether you’re a professional gardener or just a beginner, there’s simply no better place to immerse yourself in the world of gardening than among our woodland paradise!

Northwest Flower and Garden Show 2013 Feb. 20-24 in Seattle, Washington. “There’s a little garden in all of us.”

The Chicago Flower and Garden Show…. I can hardly wait!!

This one is on my bucket list!

Longwood Gardens International Trials Conference – Sept 16-20. Plant nerd mecca.

A year’s worth of great garden trips. Nothing says “I love you” like a plane ticket to go look at plants.

Shwagg – It’s the Junk Food of Garden Bloggers

The Tweet-up at Northwest Flower and Garden Show came with a goody bag full of great books, a Corona ergonomic trowel that’s almost as big as a scooper, seeds, umbrella (it WAS Seattle!), t-shirt, plant tags, and not in the bag was a complimentary bottle of wine at the fabulous Hotel Vintage Park. Thank-you, Subaru, and Janet Ensley for putting this together!
Garden bloggers love the garden shows; the schwagg keeps us justifying the trips to our significant others :0.

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Teach a Little, Learn a Lot

Last week was Seattle.
Off to the wild, wild west to TAME ME SOME CONTAINERS! Yeah, I wrassled up a group of folks, corralled them into the listening pen, and branded their minds with container gardening pictures and ideas.
But, whoa there Silver, this ol’ cowgirl still had time to lasso up some new ideas in that big ol’ saloon they called a Coonvenshun Center. Now y’all gather ’round and I’ll show ya what’s got me singing round the campfire…Just go into the woods for some rustic planters.

And luscious foliage planters with an artsy vibe.

The power of one plant in a pot.

And some of the mighty fine handy work of Seattle’s own Personal Garden Coach and Container Gardening Superstar, Christine Salwitz.

Christine is holding the breathtaking artwork of photographer David Fishman.

Unsuspected Surprises In Seattle

The notes were a tease as we shuffled our way through the crowds at Pike’s Market in Seattle. Having spent the last few days enamored by bodacious garden displays, my friends Kylee Baumlee and her mom Louise Hartwig and I adventured to the legendary Pike’s Market to experience another kind of sensory assault of tastes, color, smell, and sound. We had enjoyed several street musicians along the way – many quite good – but the piano music that was coxing us along was exceptional.
Maybe it was the flying gloved fingers that made the magical music so arresting.
Or the rolling miniture, well-tuned piano and lyrical music that seemed so out of sink with the old kitchen stool, the wooden foot stool, and the wild-haired musician that kept me mesmerized for so much longer that I would have imagined.

The theme of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show was ‘A Floral Symphony’. What a treat to find the music spilling out onto the streets below!

Brief Reflections from Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Tonight I’m back at home after a 5 dayLink whirlwind trip to Seattle to teach about container gardening at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, to catch up with garden writing buddies, to listen to some fabulous seminars from folks like Helen Yost, Rebecca Sweet, MaryAnn Newcomer, Jessica Bloom, and David Perry, to visit with my darling niece Paige & introduce her to my plant nerd world, and to be inundated with ideas from the gardens of displays and hundreds of vendors. Here are few teasers – they’ll be more after I rest up!

Westward Ho!

In about two weeks I’ll be heading back to Seattle for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show so I’ve been perusing photos of my time there in July. Just thought I share a few of the beautiful plants I saw while I was there – like this orange tiger lily.
And garden paths leading through luscious plant growth .
Some plants I’d never seen.
And some that were down-right otherworldly.With entrenched colors unaltered by Seattle’s seldom sun.
And a glimpse at some of the container gardens you’ll see throughout my seminars while I’m there. Can’t wait to see the exhibits at the show!!
This combo of Cordyline, Autumnalis Fuschia, and some other fuschia just about tempted me to stay in this temperate zone last summer.