Around The Garden World – Day 21 (Les Quatres Vents)

Someone asked me recently what my goal was with this series of Around The Garden World In 365 Days. My answer was simple – I have a whole lot of pictures of gardens from lots of different places. I  thought it would be fun to show folks how diverse different gardens are and how differently people garden and how differently we all perceive beauty in the garden. One of the side effects of continually being aware of so many different landscapes and what makes a “garden” is that sometimes I can’t pass up observing the life lessons that one can glean from the landscapes and gardens. 
Sometimes we travel through life and look ahead to see uncertain and unexpected paths we have to take…
To enjoy the total experience of the gardens of Les Quatres Vents, Colin Cabot – our entertaining and charming host who grew up on these grounds – led us to this rope bridge to cross so we could experience some of the more intimate areas of the gardens.  These gardens cover more than 20 acres are considered to be one of the most ambitious private gardens in the world. 
The pathway may be way out of our comfort zone…

 and involve some risks…

Colin explained that we had to cross at our risk, but he crossed before us to show that it was secure. 

My friend Helen Battersby embraces life eagerly – I don’t think it ever crossed her mind NOT to cross this bridge.

And there are those who are willing to take risks, who have gone before me, and can encourage me along the way. 

Only one can travel this bridge at a time

but once you find your balance, press on.

 Some were willing to take the risk, some chose a different path. But a few of us experienced something few others had. Frank Cabot, who created the world class gardens at his summer home of Les Quatres Vents, reportedly hired a bridge builder from the Himalayas to replicate the bridge as he had seen them there.

photo by Helen Battersby

When I looked at these two photos that my friends had taken while I was on my rope bridge adventure, I had to notice that these pictures are pretty symbolic of my life right now. If life is an uncertain rope bridge, with risky steps yet full of adventure and beauty and leading to even greater places, I am halfway along on my journey.  There are those ahead that led by example and I need to hear their advice along the way. And there are those behind me that I can encourage along the way. And I need to press on, look around me, and embrace the adventure.

photo by Barbara Phillips-Conroy