The Lure of Undiscovered Beauty – A Brief Glance at Motivation

It’s a regular ritual – I strap on my walking shoes, set out to “get my exercise”, then begin scanning my route with hawk-like observation to discover that plant that I’ve never seen before or spot the hidden garden of a yet unknown gardening soulmate. Sometimes I return simply sweaty and ruefully satisfied the fresh air and accomplishing my 12,000 Garmin steps are good for my heart. But sometimes I uncover a gem along the way, as I did today, and my heart always benefits from viewing the beauty of nature and the passion of gardeners around me.


Iochroma cyaneum cultivar

While in my hometown of Macon, Georgia for a high school reunion, I took off this morning for a long walk in an area that I’d never walked before. I looked up to see the entryway to a home that hinted at being a botanical delight. Mr. Willingham, the homeowner, just happened to be adding a few new plants when I walked by.

Angel Trumpet
Angel Trumpet – Brugmansia

After a few minutes chatting about the unique tropical plants at his entryway, he asked if I would like to see the rest of the garden.

Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii – Turk’s Cap.

What followed was a beautiful wooded winding walk through 35 years of gardening love around the home of Mr & Mrs Willingham . Even in drought-stressed, mid-autumn condition, this art-accented garden showed pops of bright color like Turks Cap and Butterfly Weed Asclepsias .

Nestled garden art

Along a sloping bank was a harvest of lantana for a hord of butterflies.


A hidden treasure of a garden, a delightful conversation with a fellow garden geek newly met, and once again confirmation that there are so many beautiful places in the world around me yet to be discovered.

So I’ll keep on walking.

It’s All In The Way You Present It

 This evening, after a dinner of salmon and asparagus perfectly grilled by the men in my house, I pulled out my new super zoom lens and started snapping photos from the comfort of my patio chair.

Pine cone clusters grouped like bananas at the top of my old white pine

Dahlias just starting to bloom among the tomatoes and squash.

Peeking over my fence into the far corner of our vegetable/flower garden. 

 And as I realize the ability to capture images in the far distance with this lens, I absentmindedly comment, “I would make a great stalker.”

A cluster of containers going up my back stairs.

The pepper corner with Chili Chilly Pepper and Purple Flash Pepper. 

A comment to which my #4 son responds, “Mom, I wouldn’t be saying that in public places.” (Which is why I am so writing this on my blog.)

Oakleaf hydrangea “Pee Gee” 

 And #1 hubby chimes in with, “Maybe you can say you would make a great Private Investigator.” He’s always looking for ways to not be embarrassed by me.


Peeking through the Ginko tree at the neighbors crepe myrtle. 

 So I’m thinking I’ll start the #1 Ladies’ Plant Detective Agency. Yes, that would be Precious.

Spring and Summer I have to coordinate container plantings with our canoe’s seasonal storage spot. 
Because you never know what may be lurking near where you store your canoe,  

Or what’s coming up in your garden jungle.

So stop by for a cup of red tea and between my new powerful lens and a few years of plant nerdiness, let the #1 Ladies Plant Detective Agency work with you on solving the greatest of plant mysteries!