Around The Garden World – Day 59 (Seaside, Florida)

Seaside, Florida knew how to put on a pretty show with with nice container plantings during the summer. 

 Blue scaevola, Yellow bidens, red penta, and burgundy iresine.

 Using containers to create a separate outdoor room was perfect for this walk-about community.

Mandevilla vines seemed to be what made up most of these container plantings. 

Hibiscus and verbena

Biden, scaevola, and Gold Edge Duranta

Biden and Verbena windowbox 

Around The Garden World – Day 39 (Seaside, Florida)

 My work, especially this time of year, is about learning. Learning what looks/colors/style my clients like and want, learning what my boss is expecting (wish I could do a Vulcan mind read sometimes), learning who is the most impatient to get their flowers in and learning how to schedule 350 clients in 6-7 weeks during the expected planting time. Learning who works together best within my crews – which by the way, I have some pretty awesome installation crews – learning how many hours I can get away with working in the evening before I start to go bonkers, and learning how to not micromanage every installation. But the rest of the year I love to learn more about plants and creative ways to landscape and garden.

One place that is all about learning in the garden is The Corner Garden in Seaside, Florida – part of the Seaside school program. 

 Using materials close at hand make this garden a learning lesson in environmental responsibility.

Great classroom space