A Year of Gardens – Day 18

I’m realizing that daily blogs and manning trade show booths are not always a good combination. But there are times when we can show how you can have fun with plants. Yep, showing folks how to use our Crescent Garden dinnerware for succulent dishes. 

A Year of Gardens – Day 7

 Today I was able to spend a few hours in an eclectic greenhouse in the company of a fascinating plantswoman. Andrea Henry of Little Marrowbone Farm has been growing succulents for years for local businesses and even winters over tender plants in her greenhouse for a small fee like the lime tree below. The scent of the lime tree blooms was heavenly.

This succulent planter in her greenhouse is about 4′ tall. 

 My reason for visiting Little Marrowbone Farm was to pick up succulents for a workshop that I’ll be giving on Jan. 15 and 17, both at 2pm, on building a succulent planter using our Crescent Garden Mini Gabrielle bag at the America’s Mart in Atlanta

Everyone who comes to participate gets to take home their bag and succulents planted in Grow-Stone.  

Succulent plants, according to Andrea, are the “cocaine of container plantings”. What a great thing to say to a pot salesman like me!

Danger Garden

In the summer of 2014 I was able to visit Danger Garden – aptly named as I was soon to find out. But I was entranced by the array of succulents and mostly xeriscape plantings that turned this home landscape into an eclectic oasis of sharp beauty! Loree Bohl’s plant collection and plant knowledge is vast and is a fascinating example of design using a wide variety of foliage color, cool containers, and campy humor. She expertly exploits the use of color echo and grouping to create little vignettes of interest throughout the garden. Enjoy this little visit to Danger Garden! 

Around The Garden World – Day 67 (Athens, Georgia)

I stopped at this little nursery outside Athens, Georgia a few years back because they had a sign that said “hot boiled peanuts” and I knew I couldn’t resist. What I found were some incredible container plantings and a fabulous greenhouse. I CANT BELIEVE I DIDN’T TAKE A PICTURE OF THEIR NAME!! If you know this nursery, let me know!

 Aren’t these dish gardens great!

Around the Garden World In 365 Days – Day 4

One of the benefits of a virtual garden tour is that one day you can visit a garden center on the quaint island of Ile d’Orleans in Quebec and the next day you can be yarnin’ with down-home country folk in Mentone, Alabama at Moon Lake Trading Company – part garden center, part country store. Here’s a glimpse at one of Alabama’s grooviest garden spots.

 Gardening going to pot

 And don’t forget that classic garden readers are timeless in their applicability.