All In A Day’s Work

 Well, my job is to make other people’s gardens look beautiful. But at night I get to take my garden and see what I can make it look like with photo editing.

 A different view of my peonies

On my front porch – red ivy geranium, euphorbia diamond frost, foxtail fern

 My day job is painting colors in the landscape –

 Angelonia Purple, Begonia Whopper Red, Sweet Potato Vine Dwarf Margarite, and Ornamental Peppers

Angelonia Cascading purple, Whopper Red Begonia, Rudbeckia Tiger Eyes, Verbena Bonariensis, Hibiscus Maple Sugar. 

I love this Marigold Solan 

So what did you do today?

Around the Garden World – Day 6

New Dawn Rose putting on a fresh flush of bloom with blue clematis. 

 I have so loved visiting gardens around the country but I absolutely love having time to spend in my own garden. Here’s a peek at what I’ve got growing on in Sage Gardens.

Close up of Troy’s Gold and Whopper Red Begonia

 Tropicana Canna, Whopper Begonias, Plectranthus ‘Troy’s Gold’, and creeping fig vine (Muehlenbeckia)

It’s really more about the pots…
Yes, the passion vine needs a little trimming, but I’m not one to cut back on passions

The passion flower bud is alluring

but the passion flower itself is otherworldly. Looks like a Dr. Seuss plant!



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Naked ladies!! (Belladona lily) with a friendly butterfly 

Crepe myrtle Red Rocket

Chenille, Black Pearl Pepper

Whopper begonia and Wedding Train Coleus

This is the new Torenia Catalina Grape-O-Licious with Big Begonia

one of my all time favorites – Cuphea Flamenco Samba

Rozanne Geranium 

Oakleaf hydrangea

Japanese Kerrie

Japanese Kerrie with Burgandy Geranium and Plectranthus Troy’s Gold – the heat and drought!

Superbells Blackberry Punch Calibrachoa – LOVE THIS PLANT!!!! 

This Supertunia Cotton Candy Petunia has been a Proven Winner in my garden! 

Tiger-eye Sumac

 Here are a few of my favorite guests in the garden – the hummingbird moth

 sorry folks, I really don’t know my butterflies so chime in if you know which kind these are

This I believe is a swallow tail