A Year of Gardens – Day 1

Call me CRAZY but I really liked the challenge of having a daily blog post, especially if it involves something as simple as just posting a picture or a quick tip. Since my blog has been somewhat of a virtual diary for the last few years rather than a serious attempt to “cultivate a culture of gardening”, I’ve decided to go back to my roots (ha-ha) and post a daily picture, tip, or thought on gardening for the next year.

My first thought was to show what was going on in my own garden over the next year, but then realized that I am going to be on the road a whole lot this year. 

  And most of that travel time will put me in other great garden areas that I can post about.

This is my goal: chronicle a year of of the beauty, mysteries, and adventures of gardening in the world around me.  

But I will start with what is commanding my attention today – January 1, 2016. Check out these winter blooming camellias, with the flowering quince blooming in the background.

 Flowering quince Chaenomeles typically is my harbinger of spring in mid-February but is in mid bloom today. With temps going in the mid-twenties for the next week, this plant is going to be confused. 

veil Spirea blooming also. 
Welcome to a year of all the things that make gardening such an adventure!